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I am green today November 25, 2008

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This commercial is pretty weird.

It reminds of me a college professor. He was a really nice guy. He was very articulate, witty, and fashionable. In fact, he was so fashionable that his entire outfit follows all the rules. Why this commercial reminds me of him? He matched his car to his outfit.

The other person this reminds me of is a former co-worker. She matched her makeup to her clothes. If she was wearing a blue blouse, she’d have blue eyeshadow on. Totally eighties, she said. She looked great. It doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty.

I think it is interesting that the song starts with “I am green today”. Before the whole environmentalism movement started, that line would just mean “I am sick today”.


Guilty pleasures November 24, 2008

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Chocolates – bad for the teeth, bad for the health. Unless they’re dark chocolates, then they’re just beans and that means chocolates = vegetable. Tee hee!

Electronic toys – I love all of them!

Soaking in the tub – I trade off an hour of sleep time for an hour in the tub. Or maybe the dishes can wait ’til the morning. hehehe.

International phone calls – I call family back in the Philippines quite a bit. A lot of times, the conversation gets really good and it’s really hard to hang up.

What are your guilty pleasures?


Havaianas – sikat!!! November 23, 2008

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Gone are the days when Spartan and Islander ruled Filipino feet. Never mind the crisis. Go to any major mall and anyone who’s not wearing shoes is wearing these Brazilian flipflops. What gives?

I spent the last week of October in the Philippines. HooooYYY!!! And my feet were pretty much the only ones wearing cheap “from-the-market” Tarzan-brand flipflops. One of my bestfriends took pity and bought me a pair of these fancy flipflops.

No protests there. Those things are indeed comfortable. I cannot guarantee that as a totally objective statement. My feet were just happy to be back in the Philippines. Period.


olympic gymnastics August 11, 2008

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i’m watching a little chinese gymnast perform right now. She is quite amazing. There was something in the news about the American coach being upset about China’s “blatant use of under-aged gymnasts.” And yes, the Chinese team seems under-aged.

I have to mention though, I was 26 and some of D’s volleyball girls mistook me for a member for the 12 year old team. Maybe the Chinese team is actually of age? Who knows. I read on the internet that sometimes, papers are faked. I do agree with Bela’s suggestion of simply removing the age limit. If a girl is good enough, why not?

Whoa! they just showed how China picks their gymnasts! Oh my gosh! It looks painful for those little girls. No wonder I never became one.


don’t talk and drive June 26, 2008

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Next month, it will be illegal to talk on the cellphone while driving unless you have a handsfree headset. I am completely in agreement with this new law. A year and a half ago, my car was rear-ended by a guy who was talking on his cellphone while driving.

Don’t talk and drive.

Don’t drink and drive.

In fact, don’t do anything else while driving.


Child Rapists Can’t Be Executed June 25, 2008

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WHAT? In my opinion, such criminals deserve long, painful deaths.


Princess of the Stars

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The latest I heard is that there are bodies wearing life jackets that are washing up to shore. The navy is diving into the ship, hoping to find some survivors that might be alive in air pockets. Chances are slim, according to news reports. But we’ve always been surprised with stories of survival in desperate and extremely difficult situations. We are praying for such stories right now.